Published Articles

The Blinding Sun-Solar Companies2012

Brig. Gen. Linda R. Urrutia-Varhall

Ticket to Growth–Social Media and Hispanics

USHLI –30 Year Conference 2012


Beach Reporter:

Interview with Yellowman—a-piece-of-the/article_9769bbca-dc24-5802-8ea3-f2cd5ef5c33b.html

Interview with Julian Marley—julian-marley/article_21fc08fd-8b0b-5fa1-b2a6-7208ca22b95e.html


Interview with Katchafire’s Logan Bell

Interview with Boomkat’s Taryn Manning—want-to-dance-tonight/article_bbf983cb-eba4-59e0-a497-c1d3162b9edc.html

Interview with Solrak of the B-Sie Players—b-side-players-at/article_fcf49e53-cf39-51eb-83ac-2a52e1114d0c.html

Interview with Tribal Seeds

Interview with Zee Avi

Interview with the Aggrolite’s lead singer, Jesse Wagner

Roby Rogers of the reggae-punk band Too Rude—too-rude-s-roby/article_e6e7de8f-fada-5d2d-ad12-e7ea4f0b5889.html


Palos Verdes Peninsula News:

Shambala Preserve “Birds” actress Tippi Hedren founded The Roar Foundation in 1983, a nonprofit that has a sole purpose of to supporting the exotic cat sanctuary.

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